Theragun Troubleshooting : Power Up Your Massage Therapy

If your Theragun is not working properly, first check the power source and the attachments. Ensure that the device is fully charged and properly assembled with the correct attachment.

If the issue persists, try resetting the device by removing the battery and reattaching it. If these troubleshooting steps don’t resolve the problem, contact Theragun customer support for assistance. Theragun offers a range of high-quality percussive therapy devices designed to alleviate muscle soreness and tension.

When troubleshooting issues with your Theragun, it’s important to first check the power source and attachments. Ensuring that the device is fully charged and properly assembled with the correct attachment can often resolve common problems. However, if these initial steps don’t resolve the issue, further troubleshooting and potential support from Theragun customer service may be necessary.


Common Issues

When using your Theragun, you may encounter common issues that can hinder the effectiveness of the device. It’s essential to be aware of these potential problems and know how to troubleshoot them. Addressing these issues promptly can help you get back to enjoying the benefits of your Theragun. Here are some common problems you may encounter:

Device Not Turning On

If your Theragun fails to turn on, it can be frustrating. First, make sure the device is charged by connecting it to the power adapter and allowing it to charge for at least an hour. Check the power adapter and the charging port on the Theragun for any signs of damage or debris that may be obstructing the connection. If the device still does not turn on, contact customer support for further assistance.

Unusual Noise During Use

When using your Theragun, if you notice any unusual noises such as grinding or rattling, immediately power off the device and inspect the attachment head. Ensure that it is properly secured and not damaged. If the noise persists, check for any foreign objects or debris trapped in the attachment head. If the issue continues, reach out to the manufacturer for guidance.

Battery Not Charging

If your Theragun’s battery is not charging, start by verifying that the power adapter is functioning correctly. Check for any visible damage or fraying on the power cable. Additionally, inspect the charging port on the device for any debris or obstructions. Try using a different power outlet and ensure a secure connection. If the battery still does not charge, it may be necessary to replace the battery pack.

Troubleshooting Steps

When encountering issues with your Theragun, follow these troubleshooting steps to resolve the problem efficiently.

Checking Power Connection

Ensure the Theragun is properly plugged in to a power source. Check the power cord for any damage.

Inspecting The Attachment

Make sure the attachment is securely fitted onto the Theragun. Check for any signs of wear or tear on the attachment.

Rebooting The Device

If the Theragun is not functioning properly, try restarting it by turning it off and on again.

Charging The Battery Correctly

Charge the Theragun battery fully before use. Avoid overcharging the battery to prevent damage.

Maintenance Tips

Whether facing Theragun troubleshooting, simple maintenance tips like regular cleaning and battery checks can prevent issues. Properly maintaining your Theragun can ensure optimal performance and longevity. Checking for loose attachments and maintaining a clean device will help you get the most out of your Theragun.

Proper maintenance of your Theragun device is crucial to ensuring its longevity and optimal performance. By following these maintenance tips, you can keep your Theragun in excellent condition for a long time.

Cleaning The Device

Regularly cleaning your Theragun can help remove any debris or residue that might affect its functionality. Here’s how you can clean your device:

  1. Before cleaning, ensure that your Theragun is turned off and disconnected from any power source.
  2. Use a clean, slightly damp cloth to wipe the surfaces of the device, including the handle and attachments. Avoid using excessive water or cleaning agents.
  3. For stubborn dirt or buildup, you can use a soft-bristle brush or toothbrush to gently scrub the affected areas.
  4. Once you’ve cleaned the device, use a dry cloth to remove any excess moisture.

Storage Recommendations

Proper storage is essential to protect your Theragun from damage and ensure its longevity. Consider the following recommendations when storing your device:

  • Always store your Theragun in a dry and clean environment, away from moisture and extreme temperatures.
  • Avoid storing your device in direct sunlight, as exposure to heat can affect its battery life and performance.
  • Use the provided storage case or bag to keep your Theragun protected from dust, dirt, and accidental bumps or falls.
  • Keep the power cord and attachments organized by wrapping them neatly and securing them with Velcro straps or twist ties.

Replacing Attachments Regularly

Over time, the attachments of your Theragun may experience wear and tear. Regularly replacing them ensures that you continue to receive the maximum benefits from your device. Here’s what you need to know:

AttachmentRecommended Replacement Frequency
DampenerEvery 6-9 months
Large BallEvery 6-9 months
Standard BallEvery 6-9 months
ConeEvery 6-9 months
ThumbEvery 3-6 months

By adhering to these recommended replacement frequencies, you can ensure that your Theragun continues to deliver optimal results for your muscle recovery and relaxation needs.

Contacting Support

When it comes to troubleshooting your Theragun, contacting support is often the best solution. The experts at Theragun are dedicated to helping you resolve any issues you may encounter with your device. Whether you have questions about usage, need assistance with technical difficulties, or want to inquire about warranty information, their customer service team is always ready to assist you. In this blog post, we will explore how to get in touch with Theragun’s customer support, as well as learn about their warranty information.

Customer Service

Theragun’s customer service is renowned for its prompt and efficient assistance. When you encounter any issues with your Theragun, reaching out to their customer service team is the first step towards finding a resolution. Their knowledgeable support staff is well-equipped to answer your questions and provide guidance for troubleshooting your device.

Warranty Information

Understanding the warranty coverage for your Theragun is essential. Theragun offers a comprehensive warranty to ensure your satisfaction and protection. Here is an overview of the warranty information provided by Theragun:

ProductWarranty Duration
Theragun PRO2 years
Theragun Elite2 years
Theragun Prime1 year

It’s important to note that the warranty duration may vary depending on the Theragun model you own. To avail the benefits of the warranty, make sure to register your device on the Theragun website within the specified time frame. This will ensure that you can receive assistance or a replacement if any issues arise with your Theragun during the warranty period.

Frequently Asked Questions On Theragun Troubleshooting

What Are The Common Theragun Troubleshooting Issues?

The most common issues with Theragun include battery problems, motor errors, and charging issues. Ensure proper maintenance and troubleshooting steps for optimal performance.

How To Resolve Theragun Not Turning On Or Charging?

If your Theragun is not turning on or charging, check the power source, ensure proper connection, and try resetting the device. Contact customer support for further assistance if needed.

Why Is My Theragun Making Strange Noises During Use?

Strange noises from your Theragun could indicate motor issues or improper assembly. Check for loose parts, clean the device, and apply recommended maintenance for smooth operation.


In troubleshooting your Theragun, stay patient and follow manufacturers’ guidelines precisely. Remember to consult customer support for assistance if needed. Regular maintenance can prevent future issues and ensure optimal performance. Keep your Theragun in top condition for effective muscle recovery and overall well-being.

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